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Connect within through the strength & wisdom of the horse.

Horses allow us to see new perspectives of ourselves, guiding growth and reminding us to live authentically to our true selves.


My art creates a mindfully reflective, empowering environment where viewers deepen connection with themselves. The powerful healing quality of horses is personified here, combined with the echo of human emotion, whilst honouring the animal spirit that touches our lives.

Tap into what's beneath the surface, embraced with equine form.

I specialize in Custom & Original Paintings for private collectors and commercial

spaces. I offer Original Paintings, Custom made-for-you Commissions, CoursesPrints and Small Products.

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About the artist

My name is Aletia Thomas and I’m an equine artist with a DIFFERENCE! I’m so glad you’ve joined me here where you can discover more about my story and why I paint...

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My art is liberation, therapy and form of escape, channelling strong emotion and letting that energy loose on the canvas. My media of choice is acrylic paint, though coloured pencil is where my craft began and where many of my custom portraits are still created.


Horses are my symbol of freedom; they have a gentle, understanding presence and yet they are powerful and knowing. They don’t care about how you look, how much money you have, about your past or any “labels” you place on yourself. They see you as you are, in this present moment as energy, at your rawest form, how you move, reading your body’s language.


Horses hold a significant spiritual & emotional meaning to me, often referred to as the “animal mirror” in the equine world, interpreting our feelings and heeling our wounds. These qualities are reflected in my art, translating subliminal human emotion and perspective, allowing us to see parts of ourselves in the horse speaking to your soul.


Horses helped me find light within to believe in myself again and this is what my art does for others.


Aletia Thomas grew up in suburban Worcester UK in a chaotic family environment, where suppression, misunderstanding and high expectations were frequent burdens. Longing for relief Aletia found solace amongst a herd of local horses, spending many hours studying their interactions, behaviour and generosity to each other. Seeing them as kindred spirits Aletia felt a sense of belonging amongst horses, could relate to them and became deeply inspired to draw and paint them whenever she couldn’t be with the herd.


Her artistic pursuits continued through school, college and into Aberystwyth University where she attained her BA Fine Arts degree in 2010. Since then, she’s featured in a number of galleries (currently represented by Tides Art Gallery in Mumbles) and mixed/solo exhibitions. She has joined artist association’s AAA (Animal Artist Association) & SEA (Society of Equine Artists) where a number of her works have been shortlisted to represent them and received awards.


She enjoys connecting with collectors online, sharing & selling art through her online presence. Her art exudes equine inspiration to commercial & private settings collected across the UK and Australia. Giving a luxurious contemporary touch to any country home.


Aletia believes in supporting charities through the sales of her art including Return to Freedom that support mustangs that have inspired her craft. Aletia currently lives in Swansea UK with her young family.

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Currently represented by Tides Gallery, Mumbles


Upcoming Solo Exhibition by Giles Gallery, South Wales


My work is held in private collections in the UK and Australia.

Selected to represent AAA at Art Club of the Year

Currently a member of VAA


Publications & Guesting


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Read my featured article with Canvas Rebel Here

If you're interested in featuring Aletia in an article or interview please email: 

"Horses are the catalyst in my art offer new perspective and celebrate our emotions. Empowering us and fulfilling our lives."- Aletia


Paintings from Art by Aletia offer deep connection within combining human emotion and the equine form. Aiding reflection, empowerment & inspiration.

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