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Commission previews (2)_edited.jpg


“Just wanted to say a very big thank you for the portrait you did of Rhea, it’s amazing and with so much detail! It was like looking at the real one and I can’t stop looking at it, thanks again.”

                                                                                     -June & Paul

                                                                                    Commission Client UK



“Absolutely stunning, looks like I can stroke him! It's beautiful & I love it - Thank you so much! ”


                                                                                    Commission Client UK



“This portrait of Big D is just so amazing! Thank you so much, he is my pride and joy and this is such a beautiful way to celebrate him! You have caught so many parts of his special character and personality, I can’t wait to get it framed up and on my wall! Thank you so much again!”



                                                             Brumby Commission Client, Australia


‘Exmoor View’

“Totally love my drawing by Aletia, can’t wait to get it up on show! Totally recommend her xx”


                                                                               Original Art Collector UK


“My wife commissioned a piece by Aletia, of our beloved bullmastiff ‘Storm’ as a Christmas gift for me. The artwork is amazing some of the best I’ve seen, the likeness to our dog was perfect, I actually thought it was a photograph.

Truly an artist with a phenomenal talent and eye for detail. I cannot recommend her strongly enough, you will not find a more professional artist, with a very promising future in her chosen trade. Well done Aletia and I wish you all the best for the future and thanks again for our amazing portrait.”


                                                                                         Commission Client UK



“If you are looking for excellent standalone horse art that explores the viewers inner being look no further! Aletia is far more than just any equine artist, with artist vision and ideas second to none. All this whilst being so personable and easy to work with, she made the process fun and when I came to her with my idea, she asked key questions to help underpin and create my perfect piece. It’s fantastic how you have captured her character whilst I feel like I’m seeing her in a new way, my painting inspires me every day! I’m speechless and chuffed to bits, this is going pride of place at home and I will keeping an eye on you to further expand my art collection. This was a wonderful experience I would recommend wholeheartedly.”


                                                                                                                Commission Client UK

Exmoor View_41336.jpg


“Aletia my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw my painting, its fantastic! You have caught her character beautifully and qualities I didn’t even expect!

You have been so easy to work with, it has been a real pleasure! X”


                                          Commission Client, Print & Small Product Collector Australia

Winter in Seattle.jpg


“Oh goodness it’s amazing!!! I love this portrait and I’m sure Denise will too! I am definitely going to have to get one of Ida done and of course our puppy once he is a little older! You really have a huge talent!

It’s so exciting to see the progress of the commission bit by bit, you have done such a wonderful job! I highly recommend Aletia a truly top artist!”


                                                                                                                                 Commission Client UK



“Thank you Aletia, for such an amazing portrait, you have really captured her character, its fantastic what you do! I will treasure this forever!”


                                                                                    Commission Client UK



“Aletia this portrait is just stunning! You are so talented, how you have really captured our special girl. You were such a pleasure to work with and really captured what we wanted. I will be telling my friends about you! :)”


                                                                                                               Commission Client UK


“Thank you for my wonderful surprise birthday present, commissioned by my wife. I absolutely love this portrait of Bruce by Aletia. It really takes my breath away, it’s incredible!”


                                                                                                      Commission Client UK



“It’s such a lovely personalized gift, perfect for my husband’s 70th birthday. I’m so pleased with how Scabby’s portrait turned out, showing all his character of our adopted stray, he is such a quirky cat! You have captured him perfectly, when I first saw the portrait I thought, that’s our Scabby!”

                                                                                                       - Jenny

                                                                                                      Commission Client UK


“Just wanted to say a special Thank you for this special portrait drawn of our Hudson for my birthday -Love it!”



                                                                                                      Commission Client UK


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