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For those aspiring for more & having had to pass on their dreams - this book is for you.

Dream Catcher reveals my formula for achieving your dreams and reaching success, no matter how big your calling. Because it’s never too late to unleash your creativity!

READ IF YOU WANT TO: foster the integral mindset that leaps you ahead, fast forwarding on your success journey, to make achieving your dreams POSSIBLE!

empowering you to thrive!



INCLUDING – Saying yes to the dreams you previously cast away *but keep tugging at you* and the fulfilled life you’ve always wanted as a result!

We’ve all heard this story, right? The most common regret shared on death beds is:

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”(ref: Bonnie Ware)


If you’re anything like me, you DO NOT want to hold back in this life, it’s the only one you have, so it’s time to start living!

Instead of letting the overwhelm of not knowing where to even begin set in…


Know there is an easier way, because

There is.

In this book you’ll learn not only how to tune into your deepest desires but how to actively achieve them step by step. Taking an approach FROM THE GROUND UP on reaching your goals in an easeful and progressive way.


NOW. IN your lifetime.


No, sooner than that.


In your IMMEDIATE future.

Don’t settle for ANYTHING LESS than what your heart TRULY desires.

And I’d be willing to bet you truly desire to unleash yourself back into your creativity, making time for what you love, enhancing your daily life, not to mention – putting yourself in the director’s chair of your life of feeling fulfilled on a soul level – otherwise why would you be on this page?


The FAST- TRACK FOR getting your mind on side & opening the doors to your dreams.

Whether you want to develop your personal growth, make more time for loved ones, doing more of what you love, tapping into your creativity or creating your dream home, all your dreams matter and deserve to be invested in and achieved. I’ll share a surprising way to achieve results FAST.

Thriving to Success

My powerful process that ditches the approach to constantly be pushing yourself in your creative pursuit – no matter what the cost! Replacing it with the ability to achieve your goals in a harmonious way!

How to own your Empowerment

In this busy, chaotic world, it can be all too easy to cast aside your desires. This book will teach you how to stay the course and tap into the strength inside you, utilizing what you find to give you an edge.

SAY GOODBYE to your limiting beliefs – FOR GOOD!

We’ll kick your darkest inner voice to the curb, adopting new ENABLING beliefs around your ability for positive growth.


And so much more...



As a Reflective Artist & Coach I’m committed to helping driven dream seekers like you, unlock your creativity through mindset, practical & spiritual techniques and a heap of insightful intuition!

I like to walk my talk, which is why I’ve:

-Transformed from lost to thriving with my own art business

-Gone from new home overwhelm during the covid pandemic to insightful intuitive interior designer, who can transform her space into her sanctuary no matter where she goes.

-Directly helped countless homeowners & dream seekers.

-Involved in countless high-profile exhibitions, with artwork held in private collections from the UK to Australia.

-Invested thousands in my personal and professional development.

-Immersed in rockstar mindset hacks

-Been featured in the Malvern Gazette, Finalist in SAA Artist of the Year and more.

I continue to invest time, energy and financial resources into my own growth and leadership to enable me to provide you with the best available coaching and mentorship, so you can learn to thrive as a creative too.


FOR ONLY £4.99

All the tools you need to unleash your creativity to achieve your dreams.


Simply pay £4.99 and you’ll receive a .pdf copy of DREAM CATCHER, delivered instantly into your inbox!

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