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STOP imitating interior design looks & the latest design trends, START harnessing the true power of your home with you in mind.

Empowering you to tap into your inner designer, so you can create your authentic dream home without the overwhelm.

Put your hand up if you’ve always struggled with feeling “at home” in your house🙋‍♀️🙋🙋‍♂️

The décor never feels like it “works” …and always feels like something is missing.

You buy new cushions… which still don’t help.

You try rearranging... and manage to make even more of a mess!


Then you spend the rest of your Sunday dragging furniture back to how it was, to slump on the couch with a glass of wine thinking, “how DO they do it, those amazing homes in magazines... I wonder if I could ever get my home to look and feel like that!”

What if I told you that there’s a solution?

That it’s possible for your home to be a reflection of you.


For you to feel a sense of peace and comfort every time you open your front door into your own gorgeous sanctuary.


Hint: it’s not the damn cushions😉

It's much deeper than that.

Your home is your sacred space, and when your home feels right, YOU feel right.


When your home reflects you, it unlocks a whole slew of other benefits – your health, your energy & your dreams. Your intuition. Your drive.


And not to mention – you’re not worried about having people around anymore!! 💃💃💃


-Maybe you already have a beautiful home, but something just doesn’t feel right!

-You’re following the latest design trends, but you find yourself redecorating ALL.THE.TIME.

-You’re restless in your space - it just doesn’t feel like home!

*Hint* Conforming your casa isn’t designed with you in mind - so you’re missing out that dream, high vibrational space that enforces your energy, mindset & wellbeing daily!

-You want a clearer idea of who you are & want to translate that into your living space💫

-You feel the NEED to redecorate but don’t know where to start.

 -You want to work on your personal development to experience more of YOURSELF & your personal powerthrough your home🔥

-Or simply you have just bought a new home & want to start on the right foot🦶


Either way - you're in the right place! 😍


If this sounds like you – then this is the most exciting page you’re ever going to read!




I’m going to show you how to transform your home into your sanctuary - and upgrade your life as a result! 😱😍

 *Bring on the ‘best life’ vibes for a calmer, happier, thriving human that knows their needs, how to fulfill them & elevates productivity from their home growth*

We'll be using practical tools to get the most out of your space, diving deep into the magic of colour.


Tapping into a 3500+ year old Chinese art & science of Feng Shui (how you can use it to transform your home AND your life - yes, really - there's a reason why they've been doing this for 3500+ years!!) 🙏


Uncovering secrets behind interior design that professionals don’t want you to know - they’ll be out of a job!


And ultimately, using your home as a tool for total life transformation and growth.


Because when your home flows = so does your life.

And I think we all know how a non-flowing home feels - right? That's why you're here!



To feel supported & ignited by your homeyour place of sanctuary that is created for you.


Reflecting your uniqueness allowing you to grow, by directing your life & achieving your dreams.


(It might sound too good to be true, but trust me this course WILL get you there, step by step.)




But wait – who are you?

& What does Intuitive Interiors mean?


I hear you…Introduction time!

Hey! I’m Aletia


You may have come here from Instagram & be a longtime follower (hey!!👋)

You may have stumbled across this page by some twist of fate (*ahem* universal pull)


Either way – It’s lovely to meet you!


I’m an artist, transformational guide, spiritualist, mother, interior designer & Feng Shui aficionado!


I’m *obsessed* with empowering others & using my art to celebrate our journey’s & inspiring animal connections. The benefits of personal development from my art have been embedded in this transformational course too✨


I just knew there was a way to bring empowerment on another level🔥

I’ve been an artist for over 20 years and have the power of colour in the palm of my hand (integral to interior design)

But as a “many feathers to my cap” kind of a gal, interior design has always been something I have spiritual & tangible connection to within my profession, as well as a passion of mine.


Think about when you use interior design is a reflection of your soul it’s going to add magic to your life


Intuitive Interiors is the first course EVER of its kind, think interior design from the artist perspective with spirituality, mindset tools, personal development and not forgetting tangible designer secrets, scientific & mathematical ancient chinese techniques


All fine-tuned for your specific needs.


It’s the REAL MAGIC I know, and I can’t wait to share it with you! ✨


But enough about me.

fire maker.gif

What you’ll learn inside Intuitive Interiors – NOT your average home style course:


  • How to make HARMONY in your home without overloading it with more new clutter or unnecessary excess you don’t want. 


  • The exact steps to finding the right interior style for you (basically becoming your own interior designer)


  • The secret to room balance & harmony in every room allowing seamless style & ease in your functional home ​​

 How to prepare for when you achieve the home of your dreams!

  • The truth about wall colour choices (& exactly how to tackle them) unlocking the divine backdrop to your sanctuary🎨

  •  Where to find your vibe & uncover your identity in a new way

  • The shockingly easy thing that you need to consider so everyone in your home can benefit

Say goodbye to your fears of success

(See ya! 👋 – you don’t live here anymore)

  • How to reflect your personality in your homeno matter the size of your space or if it’s rented!!

  • My proven formula to decorate a room – to amplify your NEXT LEVEL style


  • The secrets to arranging your room to improve your career, love life, health (designing the life of your dreams!)


  • How to eliminate crippling mindset imposter syndrome FOR GOOD!

The secrets to taking the benefits of your energy balance with you (no matter where you go)

  • “But must want to be an artist or an interior designer to take this course, right?” SOOO WRONG!


  • The secret truth of how to add your style any type of propertyfrom historical to super modern  


  • The one realisation I had that changed the way I live my life forever (HINT: it’s a mental game) 🧠


How to transform into the most successful

version of yourself

(and watch your life expand as a result!) 📈📈📈


I HAVE TO SAY: this course has the potential to change your life in a VERY big way.


Like I said before – it has taken me a long time to develop this knowledge to skyrocket my life, I knew something had to change, so when I invested in myself, soaked up the skills of successful people & implemented them in my life things changed.


And if you’re ready for a massive level up, it's time to do the same😊


This is your fast track to the success you have been dreaming of learning from someone who speaks your language, knows exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes, has BEEN THERE, I can’t wait to cheer you on in your next level.


The thing most forget is your home has a massive effect on you & how you perform in your daily life. Everyone’s home should be their sanctuary a place to escape from the hectic, one size fits all world.

Your sanctuary should transport you to an authentically unique place, where your true identity, journey & dearest relationships are celebrated. A space curated so you can relax, channel your dreams & feel truly at home.

I know you’re ready to get your motivation back & reconnect to your potential that life has to offer.

It’s time to start prioritizing yourself (even for a little time) to contribute to your wellbeing & therefore the wellbeing of your immediate family as a result.



Testimonials from participants in this course!

Light Up Your Life ROUND THUMBNAIL.png




replays, online lessons, videos & support for your transformation in progress.


At your finger tips! Time to get your growth on at your own pace!


(Value £600)

Guiding you through the course step by step, so you can measure your success and reflect on your progress as you go.


As they say - we’re the sum of who we spend time with. Take advantage of this incredible growing community of likeminded, supportive members striving for success & leveling up together.  

Private Course Member Only Facebook Group.


The transformational juice of this journey to become who you need to be to achieve the success of your dreams you deserve.


Yes! Lifetime access to all course content, pre - recorded trainings, lessons & live call replays are yours to keep FOREVER – INCLUDING future updates of the course!        


During the transformational journey there will be Extra Bonus Download Information that you can download & keep including:

‘How to Size & Hang Artwork’ Beautifully Every time

‘Crystals Benefits Guide’

‘Paintings Care Pack’

'Element Personality Type Directory'

(Total Value £4,500!)


Join now to take advantage of this insane 40% off deal and be one of the founding members of this life-changing course.

Pay in Full Price - 


Payment Plan Price - 


Per Month for 5 Months

(limited spaces available for this offer!)

A flavour of the modules...

Module 1: Get to Ground Foundation

Mindset is key to achieving the goals you believe possible, determining how you handle transformation and your life journey ahead. Discover my powerful hacks to live intentionally & get back on your life-path. It's the ideal starting place✨

Module 2: Dream Discovery

Building awareness and clarity on so many levels, refining your goals and transformation for your space. Packed full of personal development tools from How to tap into your higher self to extract your interior design vision (even if you don’t have an intuitive bone in your body), to creating Harmony in your space without the clutter & saying goodbye to those limiting beliefs - FOR GOOD!

Module 3: All Things Colour

Dive into colour, the biggest underlying factor in home design so you know how to authentically style your home & my personal formula to authentically design your home from the ground up - even if you have re-decorated before

Discover the truth about wall colour choices, The exact psychology behind wall colours plus what you need to know to get the effect you want & delving into colour schemes, amplifying your next level style. Not forgetting behind the scenes hacks that put Interior Designers out of work!

Module 4: Bringing the Feng Shui!

All about Balance and Harmony these tangible tools are an important step to transforming your home into your sanctuary. Find all the Tips to get the perfect room balance and exactly how to transfer that across your whole home. Learn how to harness your home to live intentionally, magnetizing the life you want simply by how your home is arranged

Module 5: Life Hacks

Blends practical steps, final interior hacks & mindset for your transformation. Challenges you may face are taken head on to maintain momentum, from How to balance your budget -WITHOUT compromising on the design of your home, painting tips, finding your style & style shopping. Including my personal technique to tackle any room limitations, WITHOUT breaking out the sledgehammer! 🔨

Module 6: Grow with your Sanctuary

During transformation and completion can be a difficult time stepping into a new level of yourself, lessons here have been created to support you. Including my seemingly counterintuitive hack to enjoying your authentic interior re-vamp (hint: it’s right under your nose) 👃, whilst helping you STOP and enjoy having created the sanctuary of your dreams.





After Intuitive Interiors

– What you take away from this course:


  • A comprehensive framework to create your ultimately relaxing home in your current space and anywhere you move to in the future


  • A deep understanding of colour, how it works in your home & the best ways to use it to suit you​r emotional needs.


  •  Awareness of every element required to make your interior design sing, from a home design professional & Feng Shui expert perspective.

  • The experience of going through this journey with others, learning from other circumstances & a supportive network

  • Confidence in your intuition and the ability to follow your new found expertise in home arrangement, styling & balance to create a home that allows you to unwind & bring out the best in you.​​


​And so much more

What other people are saying...

"It's not an interior designer telling you what colours are on trend and how you should decorate your home. It's about empowering you to make your own design decisions by identifying and listening to your authentic self. I love the mix"


How long is the course?

Intuitive Interiors is a 7 Week online course. That you can progress through at your own pace.

When does Intuitive Interiors start?

It's an evergreen course so you can start at anytime

How long do I have access to the program content for?

Forever! You have lifetime access to the modules and course content.

Why should I join now?

Joiners are founding members offering feedback for the betterment of the course. You still have access to the course as it grows and get an incredible opportunity to join at a bargain price now before the course goes to full price!

When are the live coaching calls?

Currently there will be no live calls, however you get unlimited access the previous live call replays & the Private Facebook Group where you can get support & ask questions.

What happens after I join? & how do I access the course?

Access to LOGIN after payment is processed and links will be sent to you by email upon joining.

You will be sent a welcome email with all the links to calls, the private Facebook group and portal access.

When you join you automatically will be given access to the portal where you can Sign In and set up your login details. Bookmark the page for future easy access!



Join now to take advantage of this insane 40% off deal and be one of the founding members of this life-changing course.

Pay in Full Price - 


Payment Plan Price - 


Per Month for 5 Months

(Limited spaces available for this offer!)



Click below to get immediate access to Intuitive Interiors and kick off a truly transformational online journey together!

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